At Berlin - Management Camp - International lecturers from universities, corporate leaders and specialists from different enterprises and disciplines are cooperating in order to offer a value added interesting, flexible program. It is made up from lectures, excursions, and leasure activities in and around Germany's captivating capital city.

WHAT in detail?

The program of B-MC-I is based on three pillars

(a) management lectures, usually monday to thursday, full time, such as workshops on

- Project management including the TOPSIM ® Project Management simulation

- Innovation management, risk management

- Leadership and intercultural competence

- Economics, team work and methods with the TOPSIM ® General Management simulation game

- German and/or English for industry and science

- Rhetorical skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills

(b) excursions, company visits, usually fridays

(c) program points, such as

- welcome evening, traditional restaurant visits, dance, closing dinner

- possible are city tours, boat rides, opera, theatre, concert and round table talks (...)


Target groups are teams from 10 to 30 individuals who are interested in an intensive, diverse program. It is of particular interest to study groups from foreign universities, for industrial teams, leadership trainees or junior leaders, as well as NGOs, exchange organizations and clubs. Based on a minimum number of participants, it may be conducted for individual participants.



The team is available to arrange parts of the management program outside of Berlin and abroad.


The program is planned for an entire month and can be started flexible. Individual arrangments regarding

timing, duration, volume and content are possible.

WHY Berlin-Management Camp - International?

We are proudly keeping a lean organization. Our lecturers are entrepreneurs, actively working and networking in industry or at universities. Our program combines engineering, economics, and social sciences expertise and delivers high content quality.

Modern, proven didactic approaches from universities and enterprises are applied via lectures, business simulations, simulation games, projects and role plays within a high level of participant orientation.

A high level of internationality, action orientation, intercultural competence, theory, practice and orientation toward participants and their compentencies is offered. B-MC-I is independent of individual institutions and teachings. It is in close cooperation with a number of universities, industries, and organizations at the Bachelor and Master level, as well as leadership development.

In addition Berlin, the pulsating German capital offers optimal access to academic and industrial competencies, to leisure activities, to culture and internationalism and to the german way of life. The participants will get a special Diploma to advance in one's job or studies, partly for acceptance with ECTS credit points. Long-term experiences, proven success and multifaceted positive feedback verify our concept.


Compared to other cities life in Berlin is very economical. We gladly provide you with an offer based on participants, content and further consideration.


Contact information

Berlin Management Camp International, Prof. Dr. Birgit Weyer

Alt-Stralau 14, 10245 Berlin, GERMANY

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+49 170 524 6268

+49 351 417 7846



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